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United States Golf Registerâ„¢ is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. Our mission is to document and archive holes-in-one, and to distinguish those who have achieved this extraordinary ccomplishment. Established in 1998 and

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United States Golf Registerâ„¢ is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. The U.S. Golf Registerâ„¢ is devoted to preserving history with each hole-in-one made, and recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record. There are no registration fees or dues associated with registering.

Latest hole-in-one achievers

Reg# Name Date of Hole-In-One Course
38229 Glenn Beier July 26,2015 Gull Lake View East
38228 Jason Signor July 25,2015 Terry Hills
38227 Matt Woody July 8,2015 TPC River's Bend
38226 Robert  Haggerty July 25,2015 Concord Country Club
38225 John Liebl July 21,2015 Columbia Golf Club Minneapolis
38224 Zac Hnatyszyn July 24,2015 Sunset Valley Golf Course
38223 Ben Radoszewski October 5,2014 Ozaukee Country Club
38222 Ed Fitzpatrick July 22,2015 Foxborough Country Club
38221 Ron Rhodes July 18,2015 Dragonfly Golf Club
38220 Wayland Denny July 17,2015 Pierz Golf Course
38219 martin szabat July 20,2015 Orchard Ponds Golf Club
38218 Bob Pawlishyn July 12,2015 Moss Creek Golf Club
38217 Ron Williams July 20,2015 Ledgestone Country Club
38216 Tom Schaeuble July 19,2015 Otter Creek Golf Course
38215 Georgene Risko July 23,2015 Moss Creek Golf Club
38214 Valerie Meadows July 9,2015 Sassamon Trace Golf Course
38213 Lindsey Holloway July 9,2015 Kettle Brook Golf Club
38212 Donald Secor July 22,2015 Oak Run Golf Club
38211 Barbara Ritch July 15,2015 Fountains
38210 Ramon Portugal IV July 18,2015 Skylinks At Long Beach