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United States Golf Registerâ„¢ is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. Our mission is to document and archive holes-in-one, and to distinguish those who have achieved this extraordinary ccomplishment. Established in 1998 and

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United States Golf Registerâ„¢ is the nation's official historical registry of holes-in-one. The U.S. Golf Registerâ„¢ is devoted to preserving history with each hole-in-one made, and recording the significance of the achievement as a historical record. There are no registration fees or dues associated with registering.

Latest hole-in-one achievers

Reg# Name Date of Hole-In-One Course
38294 Peter Ochs August 10,2015 Stanton Ridge Country Club
38293 George Scahill August 6,2015 Pine Lakes
38292 Patrick Thombs July 27,2015 Chippewa Golf Club
38291 Peter McGrath July 25,2015 Windermere Country Club
38290 Trung Dinh August 8,2015 Oak Marr Golf Course
38289 Johan Scholdstrom August 9,2015 Rivercrest Golf Club & Preserve
38288 Kyung kim August 5,2015 Angeles National Golf Club
38287 Jimmy Baker August 4,2015 Arrowhead Lakes Golf Course
38286 Rodney Staffeld August 5,2015 Eagle Crest Golf Club
38285 James Perry August 4,2015 Nas Jax Golf Club
38284 Dennis Marcou July 30,2015 Angeles National Golf Club
38283 John Cyran August 8,2015 Summit Chase Country Club
38282 Jack Lamdin August 8,2015 Deer Run Golf
38281 David Weiss July 29,2015 Angeles National Golf Club
38280 Bill Weatherford July 31,2015 Jackson County Country Club
38279 Kevin Johnson August 9,2015 Eastman Golf Links
38278 Michael Fazio August 3,2015 South Shore Golf Course
38277 David Murray August 6,2012 Bedford springs Old Course
38276 Richard Kemble August 3,2015 Cardinal Creek
38275 Scott Koningswood August 5,2015 Rolling Greens Golf Club